outright and shameless


of the stuff

I am seriously diggin’

and think you will enjoy!



Hold off before you see the flick {though I have heard it is good}

READ Gone Girl, the book

gone girl



It’s so rich – the characters are fleshed-out like real folks

and the story will inflict you with anger, bewilderment, judgment- so much

that you’ll need to talk about it!





Do something sensational for yo’ BOD and workout with mE!






Eat fast-food ➟ if it’s sushi!

wasabi fast sushi

I found WASABI last May.  You can get sushi A LA CARTE or, my fav, seaweed salad – for calcium, magnesium and iron!

The place will satisfy vegetars, fish-people, and carni-folks.

Look for them in your city.

In NY, go to 561 7th av, near 40th street!

seaweed salad at wasabi

Get Back to School

I’m back!


Back from Greece.  mykonos, greece


Back from Turkey.  grand bazaar


Back from summer.


Back from creating and revising the my beLOvedBODy fitness programs.


Back to school, this life-school.

And me-feels bubbled up with curiosity and desire to learn and experience as much as an existence can.


So many of us, including the teachers who had the summer off and the mamas who get extra help with the kids from daytime summer camps, lose their weekly workout and self-care rituals during this time of year.


I’ve noticed that this BACK to SCHOOL time either promotes a big-time return to productive weekly habits or a regression away from taking care of personal needs and desires.


Let’s return to productive, healthy habits to fulfill our curious souls.  Let’s WAKE UP.


We CAN set life-affriming goals EVERY 8 WEEKS!



Here are mine 

1  To expand my imagination, I’m gonna read 2 books per month.


I’ve started THE ALMOST MOON by Alice Sebold of THE LOVELY BONES and DYING TO BE ME by Anita Moorjani this week!

This has been a frickn challenging goal in the past, especially during times when I’m working a lot.

I’m starting small with the 2-book goal.  By January, I hope to make it a 3-book-a-month thang.


2  Get stronger and overcome a fitness hurdle.


My goal is to do 2 sets of 5 chin ups two times  per week  AND  to master the HANDSTAND by JANUARY 2015.



3  CENTER my soul.

be in center

I plan to sit quietly or pray for 10 minutes EVERY DAY.  

I also plan to read my FAV spiritual text – The SCIENCE OF MIND by Ernest Holmes and listen to MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH  2 times per week.


Please join mE.

Make your goals meaningful.

Explore your curiosities and fears.


Make your goals ACHIEVABLE!  Let them be goals that you CAN accomplish given your real-life schedule,

even if it means shifting things around a bit.

goals every 8 weeks

Let’s do it together.

And let mE know

what are your  “big 3”  BACK to SCHOOL goals?

No Santa-belly

Welcome to the holiday season, LightBright.  

If you are worried about eating your way silly through the end of the year, don’t be.
This holiday season, don’t starve your breakfast and lunch only to binge later in the eves at the soirees and galas you’re attending.  

Instead, you need to have a plan that serves you [and keeps you free from growing a Santa-belly] 

+eat small servings and eat frequently
+serve food on small, beautiful plates
+eat from a similar menu of foods 4-days-a-week, then vary your palate on the weekends
+snack on protein, especially if you are hungry at night

Santa baby is much sexier than Santa-belly, beLOved!

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but think of this info as liberating, not depressing…

yes, you are going to get distracted in these few weeks–though

really, don’t fear

you don’t have to drop your face into the pie.

Frankly put   ↪  You may not lose weight during the next 2 weeks- well, three.  That’s okay, santa- baby.

Right now ↘
Focus on maintaining your muscle and fitness during this HOLIDAY season instead of trying to lose weight! 

The biggest problem that people have during the HOLIDAY season is not (only) that they eat a bit more than other times. 

The biggest problem ☉


You all know :: I hate diets.  Follow the RITUAL and eat for FUel 
ALL the Time and you won’t need to diet and fail.

Now, more than ever
You need to have a workout goal.

Try setting one of these goals for the HOLIDAYS


☛  I will add 30 minutes more to my workout week.
☛  I will eat broccoli 2 times a week
☛  I will increase my dumbbell weight by 2.5- 5 lbs for shoulders and bicep curls
☛  I will take a luxury bath after my hardest workout each week
☛  I will schedule my shopping and partying around my workout schedule!

Don’t wait for December 31 to imagine your BODy in 2014.  
Focus right now.

If you need help, CALL/mE.
Invest in your health and fitness, kiddo!

You can do this.

You are worth it.

sippin’ cocoa

blowin’ kisses

doing my 100s

michelle bernard
birdcage [abs] gonna fly NOW
dreamin’ of the birdcage {gonna fly now} to stay centered

your trainer,

michelle bernard