Dig-able gifting you can do this time of year

here are 8 really swell gifts people might actually use and really dig for the holiday exchange thang this time of year :: 

1. Amazon gift card  ✌  some people think it’s impersonal to give a gift card or money as a gift.  I’m here telling you,people really love to receive them, so give one.  

It’s easiest to send the gift card via email ( only 10 minutes online to order and ➠ ba da- bing, ba ca-boom ☈  press send).  You can choose funky, animated cards that sing when they’re opened, plus you get to write something heartfelt in the message blank.  Believe me, the message you write is the real gift anyway!

2. iTunes gift card  ✾  no, this is not going to be a post about giving gift cards, however, if your giftee is a music soul, you will have delighted them with glee if you do this.  An iTunes gift card will be golden!( and it’s likely to get used within the week!)


3. Shutterfly mugs or blankets  🐼   they are personal favs of mine.  I have gifted both to smiling receivers.  Shutterfly.com is an online photography developer/ editor at your fingertips.  Upload photos and store them until you’re ready to edit and make a photo album or  order copies.  

You get to paste your pictures onto the mugs and blankets and even write a little blurb.  Now who wouldn’t think it swell to have a photo album blanket wrapped around them during a cold, January, hot-cocoa kind of night?

4. A pack of sessions for yoga classes, Zumba classes, Pilates classes, soul cycle…   ☮  If you give someone money cuz they want to start taking these classes, don’t necessarily believe they’ll follow through.  Things come up, you know.  

If someone has expressed a great desire to start taking “an exercise class”, well, help em out. Put the tickets in their hands!

5. An herb garden ( in a big ole basket, of course)  ⚛  stuff the basket with the necessary grow-goodies   ➠  soil, 5-6  4″pots, organic seeds, a hand shovel, and gloves-optional

( I don’t use gloves.  My mother told me I should caress the soil.  It makes the plants grow)
They can house the herbs on a windowsill, or see Pinterest for cool ideas for displaying. Plus, maybe they’ll buy a helpful book on planting with their dig-able amazon gift card.

6. A groupon for a massage  ☮   holy moly, do I need to explain how this will please the gifted? 

7. Headphones  ❢   for iPods, iPads, iPhones ( sorry, I’m kinda a Mac person). Headphones always get tangled, lost, shorted out, stepped on.  Trust me, lots of people need new ones.

8. Take someone on a holiday night out  ⚛   forget having your giftee exchange your gift for something better.
                                  Give ’em an event {something you can share} , instead.  Dress up. Make a day into night of it.  Bustle around in your hat and mittens with a hot cocoa in hand.  Listen to music/ carolers.  See the town tree.  Take pictures like a tourist.  Film close-up video footage. 

Window gaze at macys, saks, perhaps jcpenney in some towns.  Ice skate for an hour. At tea time, choose mulled wine. Find a cozy spot for dinner.  A place with a wood fire place.  Chuckle.  
To me, these are just the greatest dig-able holiday gifts ever.
To you, 
                 be merry and   ☀    bright. Image

Don’t lose your apples and spend gobs and gobs of your moolah trying to do perfect gifting.  
Be creative.  Get personal.  
Dig-able gifts aren’t so complicated to find.
❥ Spend time with peoplewho you really really dig.  Tell them so.
Here’s to your big ole, simple holiday season, sweetee!

9. A good ole bottle of wine is always an appreciated gift (for me, at least).  Plus, we can share it.www.sculptedbybernard.com

No Santa-belly

Welcome to the holiday season, LightBright.  

If you are worried about eating your way silly through the end of the year, don’t be.
This holiday season, don’t starve your breakfast and lunch only to binge later in the eves at the soirees and galas you’re attending.  

Instead, you need to have a plan that serves you [and keeps you free from growing a Santa-belly] 

+eat small servings and eat frequently
+serve food on small, beautiful plates
+eat from a similar menu of foods 4-days-a-week, then vary your palate on the weekends
+snack on protein, especially if you are hungry at night

Santa baby is much sexier than Santa-belly, beLOved!

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but think of this info as liberating, not depressing…

yes, you are going to get distracted in these few weeks–though

really, don’t fear

you don’t have to drop your face into the pie.

Frankly put   ↪  You may not lose weight during the next 2 weeks- well, three.  That’s okay, santa- baby.

Right now ↘
Focus on maintaining your muscle and fitness during this HOLIDAY season instead of trying to lose weight! 

The biggest problem that people have during the HOLIDAY season is not (only) that they eat a bit more than other times. 

The biggest problem ☉


You all know :: I hate diets.  Follow the RITUAL and eat for FUel 
ALL the Time and you won’t need to diet and fail.

Now, more than ever
You need to have a workout goal.

Try setting one of these goals for the HOLIDAYS


☛  I will add 30 minutes more to my workout week.
☛  I will eat broccoli 2 times a week
☛  I will increase my dumbbell weight by 2.5- 5 lbs for shoulders and bicep curls
☛  I will take a luxury bath after my hardest workout each week
☛  I will schedule my shopping and partying around my workout schedule!

Don’t wait for December 31 to imagine your BODy in 2014.  
Focus right now.

If you need help, CALL/mE.
Invest in your health and fitness, kiddo!

You can do this.

You are worth it.

sippin’ cocoa

blowin’ kisses

doing my 100s

michelle bernard
birdcage [abs] gonna fly NOW
dreamin’ of the birdcage {gonna fly now} to stay centered

your trainer,

michelle bernard