set ONE goal.

Welcome to the first 3 months of 2018 and my intimate inner-view together!

January was so slow and wonderful. How did you feel?

I finished a book: WONDER, a kid’s book. It was so delightful.

I’m also finishing Twlya Tharp’s book, The Creative Habit; and I’m gonna start Brendon Burchard’s new book, High Performance Habits. I’m promising to read another Young Adult book in March!! For balance.

You can log your books and other hobbies into the calendar at back of the inner-view for the month of January where it says I’m starting… exploring… finishing…

The video up there will walk you through your Jan, Feb, and March goals for your branches of being. I suggest you pick ONE goal for each category.

It will help you focus and drive clearly instead of feeling so overwhelmed that your energy drains.

You don’t need to have a goal for all the categories, but try to fill 4 of the categories at minimum. Your focus might change during the year. Choose the categories that are most meaningful NOW!

I’ll post again in mid-February. By then you’ll be able to implement 2 action steps toward your goal and fill in your calendar for 2 months.

Have a blast. You deserve it.

life is sweet,

Michelle Bernard

my intimate inner-view book is here



At the top of every year I set goals. I don’t call them New Year’s resolutions. My birthday happily falls at the mid-year point which is another time I set heart-felt goals. I actually set new or amend previous goals every three months. My goals fit into a quarterly plan I map out in the my intimate inner-view book. The goals I set come from an over-arching resolution to live my life to the fullest. In my teens I made the decision: REGRET IS NOT AN OPTION.
By setting only 1-2 big goals and a few smaller goals every three months, I can focus and make it to at least 85% achievement or more! So even if my goal needs to spill-over to the next quarter for 100% achievement, I am certain I can fully accomplish 5-6 big goals every year!
What qualifies as a big and small goal for me?

In 2017, the big goals I completed 100% included:

Finishing the journal that complemented my book published in 2016, Lean Happy Healthy You.
Finishing 4 blank book journals
Preparing for and attending a 4-day seminar with Tony Robbins
Booking several speaking engagements with opportunities to present my books
Saving and paying in full for my invisible braces
Starting my next book
Hiring a business coach


The smaller goals I set and achieved in 2017 included going to live events like the Barbra Streisand concert, seeing Once On This Island on Broadway (I musical I was featured in 15 years ago!), and attending Danielle LaPorte’s book talk.
I set goals to read a book each month, to study A Course in Miracles, to publish an article every month, to increase my chin up reps by 1, and to master the scorpion yoga pose. Each of these made it to 85% accomplishment.
The only way I’ve been able to map out, track, and accomplish or amend my goals is by using a tracking system that I can review daily or weekly. I use the my intimate inner-view book.

January 2018 is filled with checked-off accomplishments from speaking engagements to books read. Every week I look at my monthly goals for starting, exploring, and finishing in the back of the journal portion of my intimate inner-view. I have posted several pages from my intimate inner-view onto the side of my fridge and near my desk. Looking at them keeps my decisions directed, pointed away from the distractions fighting for my attention.


This month I will finish the rough draft of my book and continue reading Brendon Burchard’s new book. I’m also focused on doing those extra chin ups on Wednesdays and the scorpion pose on Thursday and Fridays. I expect an 85% or more accomplishment for each of my goals this month.

Michelle Bernard pedestal 2

Share some of your big and small goals for this quarter?

Have you achieved any at 100% yet?

At 85%