lose fat

Ok, here’s the deal-eo…

Losing BODy-fat, shaping your BOD to your deepest desire, figuring out what to eat and when is some serious business-        most of it EMOTIONAL.

Maybe you’ve experienced the undesirable YOYO thang, only to boom back to your starting point or worse, fatter or more outta shape than before.

“Wonder diets” and the like make you neurotic and leave you hopeless.


CHILL on the quick-fixes, beLOved.

There is a sustainable way to DITCH THE FAT!


Read my new book LEAN HAPPY HEALTHY YOU to change your life and BOD for the better!

Check out  my beLOvedBODy, too for mental and physical transformation with a weekly guide and workouts to keep you motivated and aware of what works to keep 10 pounds of fat off!

The my beLOvedBODy programs and LEAN HAPPY HEALTHY YOU take holistic approaches to losing fat (halleluj-er!!).  

Michelle Bernard :: enough. from Michelle Bernard on Vimeo.


Version 5

Transform your mind, beLOved, and the world is YOURS!


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