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I am honored to meet you, my winged-friend!


Clearly, you are also devoted to creating a life of health and good vibes, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

My fave thang is to give YOU tools to sculpt your BODy and mind to meet the desire of your soul, because I think your fab butt is worth it.

forget time-belovedbody principle

Here’s my Deal-eo,    certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and hatha yoga instructor with 20 years of experience, and a past life as a frickn, over-eater,

who used to be an “exercise doesn’t work for everyBODy” kinda person.

Whew!  Thank God, those days are over.  Long gone.

Getting here wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t a simple, eat-when-you’re-hungry fix.  I tried diet pills, jogging 10 minutes a day, eating rice for 3 meals…

Today I am 49 years old and healthier + more fit than I was at 21!  How ’bout that shizzle?


By golly-madness, I did NOT do it by myself.  

I surrounded myself with well-educated, inspiring teachers, trainers, and buddies while absorbing a ton of super mind-power books.   

Some of those folks had to really crack THIS NUT and force my butt to Move.

But after I changed my perception and vision of myself,

I was on my way.

Changing your VISION can work for everyBODy ☍  everyBODy.

No short-cuts, no anchoring to “perfection”, no special pills, shakes, or weights.

I steer by using the “RiTual”, the 8 habits for a healthy life. 

It can be invited into your daily mental + physical routine. Just declare your SELF-WORTH!

You deserve it. You deserve to be enlivened.

You deserve to fling your arms open and say THANK YOU into the open air.

Being in love with your life, your body, and your health is not corny!  

It’s fulfillment.



IMG_1065➽➽➽ my programs

J.A.M. for fulfillment, sista! It’s an acronym for   Journal  Art  and  Movement.







 my beLOvedBODy, too  a 7-week mental and physical transformation to lose 10 pounds

AiM * awaken in meditation also known as 10 days to lose your mind  

my book


Come fly with me.

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