my intimate inner-view 2018

 the my intimate inner-view book

Are you ready to make this year absolutely memorable and divine?

This is a creative journal and log to inspire you throughout this sparkling year. 

Every year of your life is sacred. Every day of your life matters. Savor your sweet, sparkling life.

The my intimate inner-view book is 98-pages, including an interactive calendar, that will illuminate your realness, keep you focused on small and big goals, and remind you to explore your interests. This year won’t fly by without you noticing what matters deeply. 

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So listen, I want EVERYONE to experience and remember 2018. So, I am offering the my intimate inner-view book as a pay-what-you-want gift!

You can pay ANY PRICE BETWEEN $1 and $11. Any price.
If you pay $1, you’ll get the same book as those who pay $9.

I’ll be doing the my intimate inner-view with you right here on this blog!!

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Now click here ➪ PAY WHAT YOU WANT right now, download or print your book, and let’s pop the cork to let your bubbly, sparking life flow.

A 98-page blueprint for your total fulfillment in 2018.

Let’s do this together.

a toast: to feeling good,

Michelle Bernard

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realness and fulfillment,

Michelle Bernard