do you let it go?

What to do…

when the person you thought you’d love forever

makes you sad, manipulates, cannot relate to your desire for growth?

How do you break-up with a best friend?

Do you? 

Do you stay when you’ve grown in different directions?

Kids know how to find friends who align with them.

We need to do the same as adults.

You are not a bad person to want joy and alignment.



3 thoughts on “do you let it go?

  1. Michelle, our lives crossed but for a moment years ago but you remind me again that there is direction and purpose to all acts. I have read your blog across the years with interest and discovered insight. When I saw your post about “Nostalgia” it was as if you reached into the most vulnerable part of my heart and spoke to it. Thank you so much. The universe is always at work, healing and correcting. My heart is shattered and to find your words about losing the person you thought you would love forever was very personal to me. Do know that what you contribute tot he universe in word and thought is both needed and well received. I cannot thank you enough for how you have changed my day already.

    1. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I receive this, Bob. I am smiling now. You have been a special person in my life, too. Thanks for your message and for letting me know that what I have to say, the personal stuff, the hard stuff, the stuff I’m afraid to say, is meaningful. You’ve changed my day.

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