marriage vow to my art.


To my ART
On this day and onward, I acknowledge my love for you in all that I do, say, and all that I become. You complete me. You are what I’ve been looking for, though you’ve always been with me.

I finally see your power.

I know you will never leave me. I will hold you this time. I hold you for my lifetime.

Stay with me and I will give you voice.

I will take your dare to express with fortitude and commitment all you have expected of me. Breathe into me.

I promise you my life.

Witness of this Union on this day August 31. Dr. Wayne Dyer.
This is the day Dr. Wayne Dyer, my earth angel, became a real angel of the Great Mystery, the Divine God and Goddess. And on this day, I give my writing, my sculpting, my color splashing, my truth speaking, and soul-stirring teaching to the world, through the blessing from my teacher, Dyer, who planted the seed in me in 1995.
I, too, have something to say. I’m gonna say it.

Thank you, Dr. Dyer, for your life has meaning.

beLOved day. August 31, 2015


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