marriage vow to my art.


To my ART
On this day and onward, I acknowledge my love for you in all that I do, say, and all that I become. You complete me. You are what I’ve been looking for, though you’ve always been with me.

I finally see your power.

I know you will never leave me. I will hold you this time. I hold you for my lifetime.

Stay with me and I will give you voice.

I will take your dare to express with fortitude and commitment all you have expected of me. Breathe into me.

I promise you my life.

Witness of this Union on this day August 31. Dr. Wayne Dyer.
This is the day Dr. Wayne Dyer, my earth angel, became a real angel of the Great Mystery, the Divine God and Goddess. And on this day, I give my writing, my sculpting, my color splashing, my truth speaking, and soul-stirring teaching to the world, through the blessing from my teacher, Dyer, who planted the seed in me in 1995.
I, too, have something to say. I’m gonna say it.

Thank you, Dr. Dyer, for your life has meaning.

beLOved day. August 31, 2015



I walked on fire.

 firewalk picture from acroos the street

[This photo was posted in a TR Facebook group. Thank you for it!]

And I simply cannot stop thinking about it.

Tony Robbins. July 20. Three weeks ago. Two days before I turned 49.

Life-changing. It wasn’t just me. I am standing within this crowd with my soul brothers and sisters who, together, conquered our inner fears by believing more in the rewards than the risks.

Find people who will draft you to your best expression of yourself. 

It’ll be the best thing you ever do, and (mysteriously) the only regret you’ll have if you don’t do it.

You will go farther toward your heart’s desire in the company of warriors.


michelle bernard bernardism


Who’s in your tribe?

Don’t try to achieve your meaningful goal. 

Instead, become the person who lives and feels totally aligned with your meaningful goal.

Your heart’s desires are coming from within you, not outside of you.


You only need to remember who you are and trust it. Then expand it.

Make sure your environment supports the person you now identify as YOU!

I spend very little time with people who make excuses or complain about what they can’t do or be. I am extremely uncomfortable around gossipy folks.

I appreciate warriors who search for solutions. I enjoy the company of dreamers who also share with me their new discoveries from actions they’ve taken.

If folks make you uncomfortable, you probably aren’t aligned with their vibe.

When folks fascinate you, you are looking in a mirror.

Who’s in your tribe?



Michelle Bernard speaks! Here’s the truth… Who’s in your tribe? from Michelle Bernard on Vimeo.

Live the life.


Moxiah is 13. Find his bow ties at MO’s Bows

You are never too young to put your dreams into place.
When you’re older, keep believing you are valuable.

There’s enough room for everybody to share the space.
Would you look at this blog from a 105 year-old lady in Sweden.
AB444259-3F58-498E-BA75-A30CA82697CC-1839-00000341954BFDD9     –BOJAN’s blog address

And Ernestine’s bodybuilding photo. She’s 80.


You can make tons of money being the person you love being, you can impact millions of teen girls and raise their self-esteem, you can feed hundreds of thousands of families on more than just holidays, you can raise millions and provide thriving support for people living beyond a cancer diagnosis.

No matter what your goal for your life is, and no matter your age; if you believe and demonstrate your faith in that belief, you will live it.




spend a morning in the wilderness,

the mind.

your journal can get you there.

the wilderness,

where first is revealed  

the dense and chaotic terrain

that threatens to lose you to your feelings.

tangled and constricting feelings are vines squeezed between your lips

around your ankles

binding you still

suffocating you quiet.

wild writing upsets the stillness

rattles the quiet 

wreaks injurious blows into the familiar.

makes you flail for a gulp of air

for loudness to rush wind through your throat

a burst of bravery

breaking you from your past

the familiar knowledge of the past has controlled you

the familiar past, a protector of harm

has kept you safe from being able to grow wild

or daring

or free.


so go there

with a pen


the unknown

and write yourself wild



I’m clicking away at another book.

About journaling. It’s been my morning thing. For years. Through many cities, jobs, dates, lovers, goals–I’ve written it all down in mini capsules. My journals.

The wisest advice has come to me through journaling, because, seriously, there exists some sage that shows up on the page. She directs my hard-head to let go of old sh#t and dares me to step hard right on up to life’s counter to take what I’m worth. She, the voice, also listens to me ruminate over and over and over about the same ole worn-out story, till she can’t take it anymore. What better-a-friend than she?

Have you got one? A journal. Any kind of bound paper thingy will do. Just start. Same time of day or night, 5-7 days a week. Twenty+ minutes.

Write your dreams, your doubts, your highs, your trials, your irritations, your storms, your possibilities, your realness.

After just 30 days of journaling, notice how it rattles your tamed mind, makes you ask wild questions of yourself, tells you what you’ve been dying to know, stirs you to cut the vines away from your throat so you can breathe.