so hard

It’s been a good year.

My book was published last summer, and so far hundreds of folks have one in their hands. Plus, last month I was able to finish and bind the journal that complements the book.

But here’s the thing: I keep a tab on many of the folks who are “reading” my book about the 8 healthful fitness and lifestyle  habits that WILL reduce body-fat, improve health, and elevate feeling states.

So many people have either read my 490-page book or only finished half of it, yet they keep asking me what to do to lose the fat on their arms, their abs, their back.


And I know why.

Even though I explicitly stated the answers to those questions in the book, and in quite hilarious and fun ways I have explained how and why adopting the 8 healthy habits will surely elevate one’s feeling states, WE ARE LIKE ROCKS WHEN IT COMES TO CHANGE.

Like Rihanna said: So Hard.

Transformation is so overwhelming most times we don’t FINISH the “book” or we “get so busy” we can’t listen to the rest of the online course. We run for comfort.

And that’s what the first 200 pages of my book aims to crack: the hardened thoughts and beliefs that have shaped our bodies (and our lives). Because, man, we just keep on doing what we’ve always done no matter what interventions we try to apply.

To be transparent, I am undergoing my own transformation around money. To be blunt, I want to earn more of it, charge more for my intense value, donate more to causes that my heart bleeds for, and altogether not feel guilty around having more of it. 

To work on my money mindset, I’ve purchased courses from the brilliant Harv Eker and I am devouring Lisa Nichols and Peter Voogd on YouTube. Plus, Tony Robbins is gonna shake my hand in July- Mr. Ultimate to me.

I need to tell anyone who is struggling with their weight, lifestyle, or any other personal issue you hope to radically change; the books and courses ain’t gonna change you.

You are going to have to DO the stuff commanded by the books and courses.

And you are going to feel frickn uncomfortable, too–like you’re not yourself.


Radical change of your body will require you to do what you haven’t done and be somebody you haven’t been.

You have to read and FINISH my book, Lean Happy Healthy You, or the book of your choice or listen to the e-course or live seminar in its entirety and simultaneously position the habits, techniques, and strategies into your life.

I have to do the same because I am going to elevate my financial profile.


By next year, my friend, our life and mind will not look or be anything like it is now.

Let’s make that promise.


Solve the problem. An interview.

I am a transformational coach and fitness trainer which means I will give clients healthful tools, exercises, and processes that they can use for an eternity.
But here is MY exception: One must be willing and ready to step into one’s strength
with the courage to move past the subconscious limitations.

Strength, power, and courage cannot be given.
It is something we realize.

If you are not ready for the change and improvement that I will help you facilitate,
if you are afraid of moving more than a 5 pound weight at any point in your program,
if you do not wish to see yourself expand, if you complain a LOT, and if you are not ready to look deeper at your personal possibilities and move toward your greatest self, I am not your trainer.

But if you are interested in a steady, safe, and strong progression toward the person you desire to be, and if you have more courage you wish to express,
and if you believe life is worth living to the fullest, I think we are a great match!

And if not, I truly believe you probably will keep feeling exactly how you feel, and you will never be able to have the body or life you desire.

You must BELIEVE and BEHAVE like you’re worth your transformation before it can actually happen.