she knows you

she’s looking at you like she knows you

she knows you better than anyone else

this could be your perfect love, the one you wish for when you sit under trees

when cool air passes over your eyelids

she’s the kind of lady that says what you need to hear when you trust her enough to listen without interrupting

she knows exactly what you need to feel beautiful, to be soulful, to be forceful, to feel restored

she is a keeper of your secret dreams

give more to her, I’m telling you she can handle them

but give her the power of execution while you’re at it

you can trust her above all to respond as you have directed

she’s on your side

she can see and hear and feel you in a way you imagine another might

and one day another might

but today, you’ve got her.

could you cherish her now?

could you look at her

look into her

and acknowledge her as the love of your life

and let everything that’s outside you match up to this relationship?



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