8 behaviors that press pause and bust stress so you can smell the lillies + feel better about your connection to the Universal flow

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1. Silence the thumbs.

When you dine out (unless it’s lunch time and you’re a doctor or entrepreneur – you are exempt because you’re probably on call ) put your phone away.  

❥ Especially if you’re dining with other folks… look up and chat with the flesh and bone human sitting with you!

Try it even when dining alone [much harder, I know].  No one needs you to respond immeditately to their Facebook bejeweled score.  And you can wait to read the comments from last night’s world peace video post.
Put your thumbs away.
Be with your peeps at the table.  Or simply sit and breathe and enjoy your own company.

2.  Share your good thoughts.

Tell the beautiful woman in line ahead of you that you think she is beautiful. Don’t worry if it embarrasses her.  Don’t fear it will somehow zap off a chunk of your beauty.  

You’re thinking it.  Tell her.
You both receive the compliment.

3.  If you can give a small gift, give it.

If you’re really not in a hurry, let the person with only 5 items go in front of you at the grocery store.  This gesture could better his schedule.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we all did this often?  Think of the times you could use the opportunity to go first.

4.  Be confident.  It can keep you safe.

If you feel dizzy and  kinda buzzed, don’t drink the shot!  
I don’t care who bought it for you.  Say no!  
People should ask first.  Folks who encourage you to be a lush or drink into oblivion, or down so much alcohol that it ruins the next day should be ashamed of themselves.  
Leave that shot on the bar!

5.  Think ahead.  Your butt depends on it.

Eat 3 hours before you go to an all-you-can-eat shindig!
Pigging out is exactly ☞  ☞  eating like a PIG.  
Deep inside, you never feel good or satisfied afterward.  
Seriously, making a habit of stuffing yourself can actually help to kill you.  Overloading on starches, toxic preservatives, saturated fats, and refined sugars is NOT good for your liver or digestion and can hinder nutrient absorption.  
Pigging out really, really makes you retain fat and worse — it perpetuates unhealthy habits.  
If you’re not broke, destitute, and starving, you don’t need to pig out, EVER.  

6.  LISTENing is of angelic character.


When your friend needs to talk about something that is dear to her heart, do not change the subject and start dishing through and popping open your matching problems –  unless you are trying to make a point that will help her.
It takes courage to unload truths and heartaches and difficulties.  Listen to her.  
Ask her questions that steer her toward her very own heartfelt solutions.  Offer to be around for more listening time.
If she’s a swell friend, she’ll do the same for you.

7.  Contribute.

Don’t insist that you and your buddy should split the check if you are the one who had the 3 extra drinks and dessert and a cappuccino.  Cuz that’s not fair.  
If the friend who ordered less insists, well fine.  Split.
Otherwise, calculate and YOU pay the extra $44.

8.  Empathy trumps a*s-#ole every time!

If you see someone running, hold the elevator!  Don’t look away or look down…
When someone holds the elevator, then smiles at the person who makes it on, both of you get this rush of serotonin.  It’s the thank-you-you-made-me-feel-better hormone.  
Whenever you help someone out, give a donation, offer a smile that gets received ☞ serotonin rush.  Even when you and company share a silent or audible THANK YOU, ☛ serotonin surge.
Serotonin vanquishes stress.  It relieves symptoms of depression.  It connects you to the Universal flow, the energy of connection.  
The universal flow is the I am you, you are me– this is a WE kinda life.  
And our Spirits recognize connection as wholeness and purpose.

Be confident, share good thoughts, and do kind stuff.

Life slows down, stress wanes, and lillies fill the air.  

If just for a moment today, 


your trainer,
michelle bernard💥
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