go, inch worm

Here are some benefits of regular exercise and choosing a healthy eating plan.
*optimum cholesterol levels
*stronger bones
*reduced risk of breast cancer
*balanced blood pressure
*decreased stress levels
*decreased depression
*increased self-esteem ⎡duh, baby!!⎤
*increased mental concentration
*more energy
*hot body
*higher metabolism 〔weight training〕
*reduced joint pain
*strong immune system
*vitalized sexuality
*improved digestion and elimination ⎩number 2⎭
*better sleep  ⎣and you’ll need a bit more sleep, 6-8 hours⎦
*easier menstruation ⎨cramps, “see ya’!”⎬
*improved posture
*sparkle in your eyes!!
Sounds like a gold mine.
                                              A gold mine.

 Yet, we still experience difficulties in maintaining the ritual of regular exercise and optimum nutrition.

with all these goodies awaiting your BODy,
is it so challenging to LIVE healthy?
I mean – look at the list again ⇡
Would you feel good, let’s say, if you had mild or nonexistent menstrual cramps? 
Would you feel good if your doctor said that your cholesterol levels were below 200?  
Would you feel good if your knees didn’t hurt while doing housework?  
And for vanity sake, would you feel good if you dropped two dress sizes?  Didn’t have to avoid the dressing room mirror? Looked smashing in white skinny jeans? 
 Be honest. 

Well here’s the problem with feeling GOOD.

move choose smile

We don’t choose paths, positions, or make choices because they will make us feel good.
We don’t.
We choose comfort.  

And more than that,

we choose immediate comfort over

the delayed-gratification-kind of comfort.  

We are wired for micro movements.  Small shifts.  
Big shifts are scary, disorienting, and unpredictable.
It’s more comfortable NOT to have to move too far away from what we are used to.

Small, tiny shifts are big enough.  

We have adapted to what we have and do right now,

even if it doesn’t really feeling good.

But here’s the good news about our inch worm perspective on shifting and comfort  ☟


You can apply INCH WORM movements quite geniusly to implementing

a ritual of regular exercise and choosing optimum nutrition.

Listen,  for example ➼

if you set out to climb a mountain that is 10 miles steep,

I advise you NOT to make the trek while

looking up at the top the whole time.

For some of us, constantly looking at the mountain top from way far below its peak
evokes worry over how long it’ll take to climb,
conjures dread about never reaching the top, + triggers shame about the last time we climbed and checked out for the used-to-be life.  
Looking at the top of the mountain when you still have 9 miles more to go can make you frickn exhausted till you trade in your dream for the immediate gratification of rolling like a log back down into the life you have always known, where you are on auto-pilot circling the skies of comfort city.


Look up before you start climbing.  

See the top.  

Really look at it.


Imagine reaching the top.  

Imagine your self on the top!

Now you’re ready to take a step.   Another step.    Another step.    Another step.
Like an inch worm.
Look up rarely.  

Better for you to simply imagine being on the top.


Your imagination along with small steps and shifts will cheer you on and put you on top of your mountain,

over time.  

It will.  

And you will get more comfortable as your legs get stronger.
You’ll get more comfortable and acclimate to the incline and air quality the higher you go.
Your BODy and mind will adapt to new heights.  
Take another step.
Poor comfort.  
I’ve really put it in a dunce-corner. 
But comfort ain’t all bad.  
No-thing is all good nor all bad.
But in the case of eyeballing that list of benefits above, maybe some of our ole comforts are blocking us from feeling better.

Feeling good over the long-term is worth a few muscle aches, 4-5 early mornings, Tupperware packed lunches, sweat socks in your purse, starch-free dinners, showing up 30 minutes late for the after-work cocktail party cuz you worked out first, refusing the gravy and extra butter even if everyone at the table looks at you cock-eyed, and opting for a 30-minute jog cuz all the bikes in spin class are taken.   

Get comfortable with being empowered by your choices,
you fine and fit thang.
your trainer,
michelle bernard
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