get a clue or a pop in the head!

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15 + years

That’s how long I’ve been a certified trainer of exercise and yoga.  

Some of my students assume I have always been in shape or athletic or

BODy-lucky.  Imagining that maybe I haven’t dreaded the holiday dinner,

or received the doctor’s furrow, or cringed in jeans that cut off breath when you sit.

Years ago, I did NOT know HOW to trim my fat a*s at all.

I got a clue, more like a pop in my head, in my mid-twenties.

An aerobic instructor interrupted my extremely low-intensity, like I was strolling-the-grocery-store-aisles kind-of-speed treadmill workout.

“Get off that treadmill!  You ain’t gonna lose that weight walking like that.

You need to get in my class, girl!”

It may sound harsh to some, but I needed that.               I needed her.


One year later, I looked like a new person.    

Mentally and physically, I was transformed.

One thing everyBODy needs to effectively lose unwanted BODy-fat  

{yep, focus on losing fat, not just weight} ❂ AND TRANSFORM

is some HELP in the form of a teacher, trainer, or trustworthy friend who shares your vibe.

To sustain fat-loss, you need to be in constant contact with

knowledge and inspiration BOTH!


Life is precious.  It is also complex.

You need clarity from the things that

support you to be your best.

Be in constant contact with someone or something that challenges you to grow

✦ stronger

✦ more aware of the alignment of your BOD and your thoughts

✦ is excited about healthy REAL food and portioning for gratification

 ✦ and empowers you to swell with so much confidence that you infect others!

Having a teacher, trainer, or trustworthy friend

onboard your fitness journey is a must PLUS   ☞

it is also the necessary kind-of-HELP you need to

transform any every aspect of your life!


Making connections enhances your potential for creating

gobs of precious living.

Support one another.

your trainer,

michelle bernard

HELP is here↯ ↯

my intimate inner-view book  ➽ for a sparkling 2014

my beLOvedBODy fat-loss program  ➽ 7 weeks to fat-loss that stays lost!

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