get a clue or a pop in the head!

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15 + years

That’s how long I’ve been a certified trainer of exercise and yoga.  

Some of my students assume I have always been in shape or athletic or

BODy-lucky.  Imagining that maybe I haven’t dreaded the holiday dinner,

or received the doctor’s furrow, or cringed in jeans that cut off breath when you sit.

Years ago, I did NOT know HOW to trim my fat a*s at all.

I got a clue, more like a pop in my head, in my mid-twenties.

An aerobic instructor interrupted my extremely low-intensity, like I was strolling-the-grocery-store-aisles kind-of-speed treadmill workout.

“Get off that treadmill!  You ain’t gonna lose that weight walking like that.

You need to get in my class, girl!”

It may sound harsh to some, but I needed that.               I needed her.


One year later, I looked like a new person.    

Mentally and physically, I was transformed.

One thing everyBODy needs to effectively lose unwanted BODy-fat  

{yep, focus on losing fat, not just weight} ❂ AND TRANSFORM

is some HELP in the form of a teacher, trainer, or trustworthy friend who shares your vibe.

To sustain fat-loss, you need to be in constant contact with

knowledge and inspiration BOTH!


Life is precious.  It is also complex.

You need clarity from the things that

support you to be your best.

Be in constant contact with someone or something that challenges you to grow

✦ stronger

✦ more aware of the alignment of your BOD and your thoughts

✦ is excited about healthy REAL food and portioning for gratification

 ✦ and empowers you to swell with so much confidence that you infect others!

Having a teacher, trainer, or trustworthy friend

onboard your fitness journey is a must PLUS   ☞

it is also the necessary kind-of-HELP you need to

transform any every aspect of your life!


Making connections enhances your potential for creating

gobs of precious living.

Support one another.

your trainer,

michelle bernard

HELP is here↯ ↯

my intimate inner-view book  ➽ for a sparkling 2014

my beLOvedBODy fat-loss program  ➽ 7 weeks to fat-loss that stays lost!

rocky says

3 reasons folks find it blasted hard to maintain an exercise program

bfitness byoga

Biggest reason people don’t fully commit to getting in shape

➜ including maintaining an exercise program with conscious eating 

 they BELIEVE they cannot SUSTAIN it

 Here are 3 ways to change this belief :: 

(Get)                1. Community support ➺  get  help

(Always)         2. Advance-schedule   ☞  plan

(Totally)         3. Use your good senses

 1.  You cannot sustain much without support,   whether it be a consistent exercise program, a loving relationship, or raising a healthy child.  

You need support from those who are aligned with your goals and ideals to achieve anything and sustain excellence.

We are spiritually designed to flourish through making connections.  

Be clear that the connections you make are with those who encourage you, not diminish your efforts.

my beLOvedBODy principle ✶   

Find a tribe that aligns with your vibe!

2.   We are what we do habitually.  So, make a weekly plan or advance-schedule your workouts and your meals. 

(The RiT is the weekly RITUAL of 8 behaviors and habits for a healthy BOD) 

If you are left to your own whims and cravings, you will surely stray to your emotions to tell you what to do.  Listening to the guidance of your emotions, is like listening to a 3 year old tell you what to do.  Be gentle.  But don’t do it!

Consider the emotional distractions of life – stress, time constraints, varied environments, hormones, other people’s opinions.   Life is a recipe for erratic, inconsistent choices.

 Have a plan, instead. Live by it.  

It’s easier.

3.   Employ your senses, really, I mean it  ➥  use sight, smell, sound, touch, taste!

 Visualize the way you wish to look – every day.
Train yourself to enjoy the smell of healthy food.  Train yourself to know that the smell of old grease stinks.  Don’t eat it.  
Practice smelling the baked goods without yearning to devour them.  

{Yearning for them is another emotional attack.}

Remember The RiT and follow it!

Listen to your inner wisdom telling you to LOve yourself by making healthy decisions.   

Do not listen to other people’s agendas 

( unless they are supporting your inner Wise One).


Take baths, get massages, look in the mirror at your BOD OFTEN!!  {Yep!}

 The more you avoid looking at yourself, the more distance you’ll create with your BOD.

 Celebrate eating without guilt or gluttony!

After a while and after seeing your “hot BOD” results  ▸ and “a while” took me about 2 years because I finally got serious! this becomes so frickn easy, you’ll wonder what took you so long.

You see, you deserve to live healthy.  

Choose regular exercise and eat consciously.  


Your good health is sustainable with a plan, some help from good folks, and a little assistance from your good senses!

blowin’ mama kisses to ya,

your trainer ::

michelle bernard,

a reformed, mindless 

{ and emotional} over-eater who, 

with patience, vision, 

and the help from 

gobs of amazing folks

changed from 

“D☺mn, will I ever be able to change my BOD?!!” 

to “Hallelu-yer! I finally did it!!”

Let’s blast through and over our mental mountains this year.

Map out a mega year of living authentically and purposefully with the 

my intimate inner-view book  ⤶ click mE


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my beLOvedBODy fat✧loss program   ↰ click mE

 sustain your FAB BOD

8 perk-ups for a FAB 2014 from michelle bernard

wishes are for genies

It’s time to invest in LOving our FAB selves.

Here are 8 useful resolves to perk up 2014

1. GET a Gym membership  ❣ come on.  You know you wanna.

Listen, you must do this.  Here’s why :: You need to frequent a place filled with the energy of transformation.  

You need a teacher, trainer, and/or comrades that align with your healthy lifestyle choice.  Do it, today!!

2. GET your very own My Intimate inner-view book :: I created it  ➠ a guide-book that orchestrates your very own intimate journey into your sparkling self  ❥ one that will excavate your spark, your passions, your purpose!  It’s a color-blast of a journal and calendar that I use to shine myself up. 

Get one here.  Go through 2014 with mE. Yippie, soul amigo.

3. GET a buddy who inspires you ( a solid amigo friend). You need someone to hold you accountable to live your authentic life, perhaps someone with similar resolves ♥ someone who will cheer and kick heels whenever you make even a baby step of progress!

 4. GET rid of stuff  ↪︎  chuck some old crap.  Start with the fridge.  If you have high sugar, high processed food stock, trash it, put it in the compost.  

[You know that stuff is not good for your bod, heck it might not even be good for the soil either].  

Secondly, you got gifts recently, right?  New clothes, boots maybe? 

If you got new winter boots and your old ones have a 2-inch slope on the worn-heel, throw them out!

Donate the stuff that’s still wearable!!  Clean out clutter for a fresh mind and enhanced productivity.


5. GET some Fit Toys.  This is not heading where you think.  

Fit toys include a speed jump rope, therabands, a TRX unit.  All of these toys are for home and travel fitness fun.  Go here to see what’s up.

6. GIVE your profile an update {on the dating site} ✌  People grow brave-balls at the beginning of the year, you know. That means, new folks join dating sites in January.

If your inbox is a wasteland {and it’s mid-JANUARY}, change your profile a bit.  Make it simple, almost mysterious…

(Don’t try too hard to be mysterious.  Mysterious happens when you are concise, not weird).

Add a current photo. ( It better be current, or you’re gonna dig yourself bigger problems this year).

7. GET a plan to pay down your credit cards  ⤷ set up payment plans.  Add more dough to your payments this winter.  Use a calendar and sketch out how much ground you can cover between now and June.

Holiday gifting-debt should not exceed 6 months to Pay It Off.  You’ll feel better (lighter).  

Debt is clutter.  

8.  GET drenched in faith!  CONTEMPLATE the desired results of all your 2014 dreams! 

During your shower, bath, walk to work, lunch break, during a long run, before bed… maybe even all of these times, IMAGINE  {with all your senses}  yourself living and breathing the goals, the life you desire this year.

Immerse your energy in the fullness of your faith.

Forgive yourself for any perceived past failures.

Accept compliments.  They are gifts.

Look at yourself in the mirror {full-length} and give a thumbs up.  Tell yourself :: I CAN!

☮ OUR beLOved Nelson Mandella said

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

“If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness.”

May his BODy rest.  May his soul live in our ours.

Happy FAB 2014 ↳ you fine and fit thang.

your trainer,

❥  michelle bernard