The gap

There is a small gap between

                                                   the dream and                 ☯             real life.

But you know, you can always just…  give up.

You can always toss your sneakers in the chimnea and light a match.  
You can always call up your peeps and announce,
listen, I am never gonna focus on my health anymore, see, because I am too distracted by my old routine, and I do not feel like dreaming about that hot black mini anymore.  
I’m just gonna tell my doctor to hush up about health and fitness cuz that shiz means I can’t eat crossiants and bagels and tons of gmo wheat and corn products like I want.  

And seriously, I dig putting off my health and delaying my feeling good because it’s the holidays, for butt’s sake.  I need to eat pie, pumpkin bread, Mac and cheese.  I don’t mind being sleepy and sluggish… well not that much.  

Sure, I’d be nice to eat food that gave me energy and nutrients, that cleared my skin and helped my digestion.  It’d be groovy to easily zip my jeans, tuck in my shirt, glitter up my back and rock that hot tank top at the  New Year’s Day brunch.  Yep, I’d be cool to post pics of my new BOD on Facebook.  It’d be smokin to try on clothes and break out in big smiles in the dressing room cuz, shucks, I have over estimated my size again  ❣  and I need to get the smaller one.  

It’d be nice to peel off the layers of BOD-fat and crack the shackles bonding me to addictive foods and binging habits that have for so long held my taste buds and my mind hostage.

But crap, why focus on how good I could feel from eating healthy, at regular intervals, and in small portions– and why focus on being a part of a health-minded, exercise community?  Why focus on this kind of personal growth that will inspire my children, my buddies, my partner, my community, myself?

Why bother?

Dreaming is for dreamers.  I’m too busy for that.


                 ❥   Here is what every hardcore dreamer knows…

 The gap between the dream and real life does finally close and the 
                                                                   two DO become one and the same.

Don’t give up.

from your trainer,
whisperin’ kisses and dreams into your head.
michelle bernard

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