Gobble, gobble, gobble

There it is again!

That jive turkey trying to seduce you into throwing all your tight BODy success away over

A tank of macaroni and cheese?  

Vats of mega-buttery potatoes?  

Pumpkin pie and banana bread bricks?

I know you wanna eat.  

We have been programed since “mama” to trough-load our plates on this great day  😏  To give ourselves gas is how we gauge satiety + satisfaction.

We wait all day for that afternoon feast — starving ourselves of breakfast, yet noshing all the live-long day on salty apps, cheeses, breads, crackers, dill-infused dips, booze.  

Holy moly… no wonder so much guilt.  

You could cut the guilt into bite-sized shapes on this great day!

So, I say…

de-program your butt!

No day is a good day to gorge.  Repeat.  No day is a good day to gorge.  Like a mantra.  No day is a good day to gorge.  {feel better?}

Well, this’ll help    ⇢   ⇢  My daily ritual, the impeccable RiT encourages you to eat every 3-4 hours {an entire palm-size meal for 2 meals and 2 palm-size for 2 meals} to keep your internal fire on –metabolism/ with 1-2 cheat meals per week.

Yep, this is a cheat meal time / Thanksgiving/ but let’s treat it a little differently than I suggest in the RiT.

For Thanksgiving day  ⇰ 

✣  eat every 3-4 hours!

✣  1 palm-size portions, except the BG gig 

✣ use a small dinner plate for the BIG gig {the “dinner”}, one that holds 2 palms worth of yummy-ness

 ✣  make sure you have protein on that plate to help slow down the carbs from sugar loading your butt— otherwise you’ll be wearing that sugar on your butt, back, belly, chin.

✣  if you want a second-helping, WAIT 3 to 4 hours and get one!  {Don’t eat all the goodies in ONE SITTING}

✣ do a workout in the morning and/or do your 100s!! { I would have said this first, but I’m sure you already planned to do this!!}

Gobble, gobble, gobble every 3-4 hours ⦿ in small portions!!

No guilt- jive turkey, responsibility instead, beLOved.

I believe in YOU, you hot thang!

blowin’ kisses to ya,

michelle bernard, your sculptor [trainer]


checkout the my beLOvedBODy program and learn about THE RiT!!

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