Do your 100s

Do your push ups, beLOved!

Especially now, during the holiday season

✾  because you might be out on the road and sequestered in a hotel with no gym

✾ because you might be over-dosing in mulled wine and pumpkin beer on Fridays

✾ because you might be wading through gravy and low-fat whip cream

✾ because there’s no way to make salami and cheese a healthy appetizer

But you can remain dedicated to your beLOved BOD by blocking in your 100s   3-4 days a week!

100 push ups!  

Do ’em in blocks of 10 or 20 till you knock ’em out.

If you’re a beginner, you can do your 100s on a raised surface.  

Place your hands on a dresser or wide, sturdy chair.  Do 10 at a time.  

Or you can do ’em on the floor with your knees bent.

Otherwise hit those push ups with straight legs and toes on the floor.  

Always align the thumbs under the armpits ▸ hands about 2 inches away from the sides of your BOD so that you create a rectangle on each rep.  You can bend and straighten your arms for a 2 inch range of motion {easier on the shoulder, best for a beginner} or go for a 90 degree angle at the bottom.

Exhale on the top of your push up or count out loud!  ❥

Tighten your abs, babe.

Go slowly, kiddo.

Do 2-count or 4-count reps to make ’em harder [down 2, up 2].

Look at the alignment VID below   ⇣

Add straight leg lifts for your belly.  4-count reps, though so you can really feel your strength! {draw your navel in deep to protect your back}.  Lower your legs from the top / down 80 degrees ∎ or 45 degrees, depending on your ab and back strength.

Do 3-5 sets of 20 repetitions!!

Just because the frickn turkey is tempting you to GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE and it seems Santa is getting some kind of laughing kick at something {perhaps at watching you eat like he does},

doesn’t mean you have to lose your marbles.

Read my article : Don’t Hate the Haters!

And make sure you add A LOT of push ups to your life.

Next week, I’ll give you even more ways to enjoy the holidays and stay dedicated to your beLOvedBOD mission!

blowin’ kisses

your trainer,

michelle bernard

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