Gobble, gobble, gobble

There it is again!

That jive turkey trying to seduce you into throwing all your tight BODy success away over

A tank of macaroni and cheese?  

Vats of mega-buttery potatoes?  

Pumpkin pie and banana bread bricks?

I know you wanna eat.  

We have been programed since “mama” to trough-load our plates on this great day  😏  To give ourselves gas is how we gauge satiety + satisfaction.

We wait all day for that afternoon feast — starving ourselves of breakfast, yet noshing all the live-long day on salty apps, cheeses, breads, crackers, dill-infused dips, booze.  

Holy moly… no wonder so much guilt.  

You could cut the guilt into bite-sized shapes on this great day!

So, I say…

de-program your butt!

No day is a good day to gorge.  Repeat.  No day is a good day to gorge.  Like a mantra.  No day is a good day to gorge.  {feel better?}

Well, this’ll help    ⇢   ⇢  My daily ritual, the impeccable RiT encourages you to eat every 3-4 hours {an entire palm-size meal for 2 meals and 2 palm-size for 2 meals} to keep your internal fire on –metabolism/ with 1-2 cheat meals per week.

Yep, this is a cheat meal time / Thanksgiving/ but let’s treat it a little differently than I suggest in the RiT.

For Thanksgiving day  ⇰ 

✣  eat every 3-4 hours!

✣  1 palm-size portions, except the BG gig 

✣ use a small dinner plate for the BIG gig {the “dinner”}, one that holds 2 palms worth of yummy-ness

 ✣  make sure you have protein on that plate to help slow down the carbs from sugar loading your butt— otherwise you’ll be wearing that sugar on your butt, back, belly, chin.

✣  if you want a second-helping, WAIT 3 to 4 hours and get one!  {Don’t eat all the goodies in ONE SITTING}

✣ do a workout in the morning and/or do your 100s!! { I would have said this first, but I’m sure you already planned to do this!!}

Gobble, gobble, gobble every 3-4 hours ⦿ in small portions!!

No guilt- jive turkey, responsibility instead, beLOved.

I believe in YOU, you hot thang!

blowin’ kisses to ya,

michelle bernard, your sculptor [trainer]


checkout the my beLOvedBODy program and learn about THE RiT!!

Do your 100s

Do your push ups, beLOved!

Especially now, during the holiday season

✾  because you might be out on the road and sequestered in a hotel with no gym

✾ because you might be over-dosing in mulled wine and pumpkin beer on Fridays

✾ because you might be wading through gravy and low-fat whip cream

✾ because there’s no way to make salami and cheese a healthy appetizer

But you can remain dedicated to your beLOved BOD by blocking in your 100s   3-4 days a week!

100 push ups!  

Do ’em in blocks of 10 or 20 till you knock ’em out.

If you’re a beginner, you can do your 100s on a raised surface.  

Place your hands on a dresser or wide, sturdy chair.  Do 10 at a time.  

Or you can do ’em on the floor with your knees bent.

Otherwise hit those push ups with straight legs and toes on the floor.  

Always align the thumbs under the armpits ▸ hands about 2 inches away from the sides of your BOD so that you create a rectangle on each rep.  You can bend and straighten your arms for a 2 inch range of motion {easier on the shoulder, best for a beginner} or go for a 90 degree angle at the bottom.

Exhale on the top of your push up or count out loud!  ❥

Tighten your abs, babe.

Go slowly, kiddo.

Do 2-count or 4-count reps to make ’em harder [down 2, up 2].

Look at the alignment VID below   ⇣

Add straight leg lifts for your belly.  4-count reps, though so you can really feel your strength! {draw your navel in deep to protect your back}.  Lower your legs from the top / down 80 degrees ∎ or 45 degrees, depending on your ab and back strength.

Do 3-5 sets of 20 repetitions!!

Just because the frickn turkey is tempting you to GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE and it seems Santa is getting some kind of laughing kick at something {perhaps at watching you eat like he does},

doesn’t mean you have to lose your marbles.

Read my article : Don’t Hate the Haters!

And make sure you add A LOT of push ups to your life.

Next week, I’ll give you even more ways to enjoy the holidays and stay dedicated to your beLOvedBOD mission!

blowin’ kisses

your trainer,

michelle bernard


How do you stop an interrogator from pissing you off?

So the real question here is
” how do you stop a snooping, over-opinionated, know-it-all from thinking your business is her business”?

Tell em to bud-out.

Nah!  That’ll probably start fight.
I have two go-tos when some pain in the ass starts interrogating me.
(Pardon my a*s, but I really don’t like to be interrogated.  Am I in good company?  
To be clear, I define an interrogator as someone who challenges my intuitive decisions, questions my knowledge when they don’t have a background in the subject they’re challenging, and/or plays a devil’s advocate ➤  cuz I don’t particularly like the devil butting into my conversations.  
To be more clear, pushy interrogators are usually wrong about most of their thoughts and ideas for you!)
Given that… Here’s how you can avoid these types of energies.
1.  Run the yellow light and Turn left.
Ever had someone following you in your car, you run the yellow, and turn the corner?  
Well, the car following your won’t make the light.  While they are held up at the red one  ✧ it’ll be 2 minutes before they can get back behind you.
Ah… 2 minutes, just enough time to change the frickn subject with a question.
Instead of answering the interrogators next question, ask a question.  
It’s gotta be a good question, one that commands a long winded answer.  It’s gotta be personal, cuz folks love to talk about themselves, no problem.
In order for you to for you to find the right question, you’ll need to master 
➢  the 5 breath energy bath.   (This is number 2) 
 Take 5 deep slow breaths at exactly the moment you begin to feel your blood boil.
You see, at that time, your energy has begun to get whipped up into the cyclone of the interrogator’s critical judgment and bad -idea bruising.  
You need to bathe in the purity of self-trust.
Each breath needs to be slow.  
The during the first two breaths, smile like you’re listening – all the while you’re visualizing a place in nature that really makes you feel happy.  
During the next two breaths, make a noise.  Say ” ahh huh” or ” mmm” or something that shows you’re listening ( you’re not).  
During breath 5, when you are deeply relaxed in, let’s say a garden with a bubbling brook and only hearing the dripping water, think of a question – you know, you are about to run the yellow light and turn left!
However, if the interrogator is a professional hit-person, the kind that pressures you for an answer, give one.
3. Give an answer and flee as fast as you can.
I have three answers that help me escape the pro interrogator – but I sometimes need to use these in gentler situations, as well.
Say, ” it’s a long story”
If they say they have time, ↰repeat but add “really” to long story.  
Still they have time, then you’d better run the yellow light.
Or say, “wow, what interesting ideas.  I’ll think about those.”
Or say, “mmm, I don’t know yet.” No bulls*itting ✜ really.  
Always say yet because you actually do know or you intuitively know which means you kinda know ( which is good enough as far as knowing goes) and you need to stick with your very own intuitive knowing because it counts for a LOT.
[You might need a 5 breath energy bath even after way #3.  Take the bath.] 
What’s most important to remember is    ✾
an interrogation is a cyclone of someone else’s judgment and personal criticism
that can harm your self- esteem and zap all your positive energy.  
Don’t defend yourself, be yourself.
Trust your self.  
Examine your self on your own, often, and if you invite someone to help you,
make sure they are caring, supportive, and honor your highest truths.
Live your truth.
Support one another.

 Blowin’ you kisses, 

your trainer ☀ michelle bernard

you are fabulous today and every day!