OMG, what if I get older…?

Is what we’ve been believing about aging, true?

When we get older we get weaker.

Not true.

I teach dance aerobics and strength training in two gyms.  The median age of my students is 44 years old.  That means half of the gang is older than that!

We do a series of push ups during every class   ❖

some on our knees

most on our toes

all with various extra movements like 

a knee lift in the push up position  ♥ then the push up.

I call the series “the 100s”

The 60 year olds kick a*s

The 40 year olds are hardcore

The 70 year olds grit and hit ’em hard

Cuz you might be imagining a class full of those 

mad, serious workout fanatics that look so intense and cult-like that you wouldn’t even want to be a part of such a tribe ✙ 

let me say, i wouldn’t either.

my crew loves to shake their tails, laugh, make jokes, be themselves – and we welcome everyBODy!!!

When we get older we lose balance.

Not true.

I learned the headstand in my 30s.

I am not a former gymnast or trained dancer.

I had never ever done a headstand before in my life, not as a kid, never ever before.

I have taught 40 and 50 and 60 year olds how to stand on their heads, balance in tree pose, and focus in crow.

Balance comes from focusing on breathing, creating a firm base, proper alignment, and PRACTICE.

Age has nothing to do with it if you can do all those things ▲. 


When we get older we need more health care.

Not true.

One of my 60 year old students brags about not taking ANY medication.  

She’s been working out since her 20s.

I am med-free at 45.

Our health depends so much on getting consistent exercise, eating real food {GMOs are creating big risks in this category, my peeps — let’s stop “them” from killing us…!}, 

and cleansing our BODies of the byproducts of stress!!

As we get older and thus more responsible to provide a quality life to others + ourselves [which can become stressful, suga], 

we have got to remember how to chill and feel good and relish in gratitude ☞ to stay healthy!


When we get older we get less fabulous.

Not true.

Fine wine, my peeps.  Fine wine.  You are.

Still, I gotta say, workout! 


eat real food! 

breathe fresh air! 


say THANK You! 

support one another {and recognize their fabulous-ness} !! 

and you will get MORE fab in the process.

Did you know…?

from the words of Dr. Christiane Northrup ( my fav OBgyn – author of Women’s BODies, Women’s Wisdom )

Cancer patients were given two different methods of healing – 

ONE GROUP -the traditional rounds of chemo 

ONE GROUP -group support therapy

Both groups healed at the same rate.

The group dynamic can create a vortex of healing.  

Every kind gesture made to another affects our biochemistry – when you do something kind for somebody, your serotonin levels go up {and anyone who witnesses, well so does theirs!!}

SeROTONIN is like a natural happiness excreted in the BODy.

OMG – kindness heals.

Behaving and Believing that you are fabulous makes it so.


i dreamt

 I dreamt I died the other night.

 Best believed I wanted to wake up.  



It was the kind of dream that I could feel.  It was real.

I was sentenced to my death by someone [ can’t remember who, why, nothing].


The process of my dying meant that 

I would throw up in a white plastic garbage bin until all of my innards were puked out.  Then I would grow tired, fall asleep, and never wake up.

I did throw up, tons (in the dream). 

Someone (cloudy in memory) nursed me during all this puking, so 

I wasn’t alone.  

One of my dogs was there.  Cloudy.


I fought to stay awake, though I could see my innards filling the garbage bin.  

“I am close to the end”


Sleepy.  Oh no.


I thought about my life, what I didn’t do, what I thought was important, what I was afraid to go for and take… I wanted to go back in time and get it done.  To fear less. 


I fought the sleep hard.  harder.

all through the night  ➧  barfing and lifting my lids with all my strength to avoid succumbing to the sleep.



I was awake.

No puking.

I didn’t die.  

The ( whomever person who pronounced my death sentence) had told me there was no way I’d make it to morning.


But, I did.

 And I didn’t have anymore of the sickness.


I woke up ( in real life) and smiled all frickn day.  

I’m alive!  I’m alive.  I love this place!  I love myself.  I love, love, love dammit.


I am not finished.  


Thank you for another day. 


It all matters.  I am alive.

Don’t hate the haters

Don’t hate “the haters”.  Sympathize with them.
Here’s the deal-eo
The more focused you become as a beLOvedBODy lover (what I call folks who belong to my camp of health and fitness devotion), and the more often you make conscious choices about what, when and how much to eat, and the more you keep your sacred appointments to attend the gym/ workout 
~the more you will notice certain folks react to you with their snippy  “evil attack”!
We’ll call these folks “the haters” ( for now).
The haters may say things to you about food like
“come on, just taste it.”
“you mean you can’t have just one?”
“but I made it…”
” is that all you’re gonna eat? “
“You’re no fun anymore.” 
They may smoke and snarl about your new disciplinary demeanor.  They comment about your desire to meet your fitness appointments by saying “grimy” things like,
” you’re going to the gym again?”  
“Don’t you think you’re working out too much?”
“What if you just gain all the weight back ?”
“If you’re that sore maybe you shouldn’t be working out for a while”
They try and guilt you with
” but I thought we could … But since you have to go to the gym…”
Whenever we beLOvedBODy lovers hear these words, even me, a personal trainer!, we either cringe, roll our eyes, feel guilty and hand over our power, or lace our boxing gloves for a round of self-defense.
The reason why we hate these comments is because they trigger real fears about either our bodies( maybe I will gain all the weight back- oh no!) or it makes us feel obligated to sacrifice our personal commitment ( self-care) for the (selfish) need of another.
But as I said before, don’t hate “the haters” for speaking their truth.
Sympathize with “the hater”.
You see, you are choosing to live boldly.  
You are choosing health over personal neglect.  You are moving mental mountains. You are living your vision.
These choices take extraordinary strength, commitment, and clarity.
“The hater” has not mastered this supreme transmutation.  But everybody has this potential!  Everybody does!  We all just need some help!
So sympathize.
Explain your choices to “the haters” with loving brevity – keep it short and clear ( don’t defend, ever, it’s exhausting!), and the keep it movin’, beLOved.
Be an example, a leader.  Be amazing, not offended.
You might just be the support factor “the hater” needs to invert, and join forces.
Maximize your strength!
I Believe You Can,
your trainer,
michelle bernard