this is it, dag-gone-it!

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Wanna be Startin’ Somethin that commands your passion and devotion?

live fit.

get your boogie and your sweat on at least 4 days a week.



eat clean, real food.



get your vibe right!



cuz, this is it.

this is your fab life.

and you are worth all the LOve.

the sky's the limit


They say the sky’s the limit,

and to me that’s really true.


Save my knees, PLEASE!

When I first started my daily workout program,

which began as dance performances in Japan!!,

my knees hurt just about everyday.

save my knees, please

In my case, I simply did not have any muscle development

in my legs or abs.

My weak leg muscles and heavier BODyweight contributed to lots of pressure on my knees.

People (kinda carelessly) told me I needed to lose some weight and my knees wouldn’t hurt so much.

Yeah, well, it sounded like a catch 22.

How was I to lose the weight so I could exercise without pain, if the exercise was in itself the cause of my pain?

There’s a way, though.   I found it.

First, be well informed whenever you have joint pain it is best that you consult a professional physical therapist to rule out a major structural issue that requires rehab.

However, if you are cleared to exercise, by all means – superstar, get to movin’ – mindfully!

Tips for ya

3 things for healthy knees

1. Don’t run or jump — instead — use the elliptical, ride the bicycle, strength train, and opt for a low-impact aerobics class.
If the class you want to take is built around fast direction changes, abrupt starts and stops, or stomping — chill. You need to modify all that stuff until your quads and hamstrings get strong enough to support your knees.  

Remember, pain in a joint, ain’t good!


2. Do yoga.           I’m not a Pilates hater.   In fact there are leg strengthening exercises in Pilates that you can benefit from.  

Do Pilates, too!

I just recommend Yoga classes because they implement balancing poses and core building that uses the whole body.

Isometric training for legs (holding poses without moving) and holding the body in alignment with core strength will help you become more conscious of how to position yourself properly – they improve stabilization and increase muscle awareness.

Isometric training for the legs is essential to strengthening your knees!


3. Roll out with the foam roller! then stretch — The foam roller is your miracle tool.

It will release all of the tight areas around your gluteus, back, and legs. Use the foam roller to massage the knots and adhesions in these areas for about 2 minutes in each location. Only roll out till you notice the muscle feels better. A little each time is better than rolling till your legs turn to jelly, which can actually be damaging to the tissues.

After you roll out, stretch. You’ll be amazed by how much more flexible you are after using the foam roller.

{visit mE to get the foam roller}

And here’s a morsel of Extra credit
Your knees might hurt because of your shoes.

Especially when the seasons change, we tend to changes our shoes(consider the heel difference of summer sandals to cold weather boots).

Your physical alignment shifts when the heel height and support from your shoe changes. Your body has to readjust itself from the heel to knee to hip to back.

With the proper modifications and a load of patience (it might take months for you to feel stronger), you can keep movin’ toward your goals.

Listen, BODyLOvers, protect your knees.

Adore your knees.

Focus on keeping them healthy.

Whatever we focus on gets stronger.

healthy spirit to healthy spirit,

michelle bernard

don’t believe everything you think


Seriously, if you go to YOUTUBE and type in UGLIEST WOMAN in the WORLD, this lady’s VIDs pop-up.

Lizzie Velasquez

Now that is just a SHAME. 

How do you suppose she is dealing with that kind of sucky title?

That harsh definition?

She’s gonna tell you in the following VID.


Judgment.  Harsh, cruel, cutting judgment.

We ALL do it – to others — but probably more to ourselves.

And the strength of your BELIEF about what you are judging directly influences the way you live.

So if your judgments are HURTING your life, 

try NOT BELIEVING them anymore.

Get to know the FLIP SIDE of your harsh judgment.






8 behaviors that press pause and bust stress so you can smell the lillies + feel better about your connection to the Universal flow

press pause pix

1. Silence the thumbs.

When you dine out (unless it’s lunch time and you’re a doctor or entrepreneur – you are exempt because you’re probably on call ) put your phone away.  

❥ Especially if you’re dining with other folks… look up and chat with the flesh and bone human sitting with you!

Try it even when dining alone [much harder, I know].  No one needs you to respond immeditately to their Facebook bejeweled score.  And you can wait to read the comments from last night’s world peace video post.
Put your thumbs away.
Be with your peeps at the table.  Or simply sit and breathe and enjoy your own company.

2.  Share your good thoughts.

Tell the beautiful woman in line ahead of you that you think she is beautiful. Don’t worry if it embarrasses her.  Don’t fear it will somehow zap off a chunk of your beauty.  

You’re thinking it.  Tell her.
You both receive the compliment.

3.  If you can give a small gift, give it.

If you’re really not in a hurry, let the person with only 5 items go in front of you at the grocery store.  This gesture could better his schedule.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we all did this often?  Think of the times you could use the opportunity to go first.

4.  Be confident.  It can keep you safe.

If you feel dizzy and  kinda buzzed, don’t drink the shot!  
I don’t care who bought it for you.  Say no!  
People should ask first.  Folks who encourage you to be a lush or drink into oblivion, or down so much alcohol that it ruins the next day should be ashamed of themselves.  
Leave that shot on the bar!

5.  Think ahead.  Your butt depends on it.

Eat 3 hours before you go to an all-you-can-eat shindig!
Pigging out is exactly ☞  ☞  eating like a PIG.  
Deep inside, you never feel good or satisfied afterward.  
Seriously, making a habit of stuffing yourself can actually help to kill you.  Overloading on starches, toxic preservatives, saturated fats, and refined sugars is NOT good for your liver or digestion and can hinder nutrient absorption.  
Pigging out really, really makes you retain fat and worse — it perpetuates unhealthy habits.  
If you’re not broke, destitute, and starving, you don’t need to pig out, EVER.  

6.  LISTENing is of angelic character.


When your friend needs to talk about something that is dear to her heart, do not change the subject and start dishing through and popping open your matching problems –  unless you are trying to make a point that will help her.
It takes courage to unload truths and heartaches and difficulties.  Listen to her.  
Ask her questions that steer her toward her very own heartfelt solutions.  Offer to be around for more listening time.
If she’s a swell friend, she’ll do the same for you.

7.  Contribute.

Don’t insist that you and your buddy should split the check if you are the one who had the 3 extra drinks and dessert and a cappuccino.  Cuz that’s not fair.  
If the friend who ordered less insists, well fine.  Split.
Otherwise, calculate and YOU pay the extra $44.

8.  Empathy trumps a*s-#ole every time!

If you see someone running, hold the elevator!  Don’t look away or look down…
When someone holds the elevator, then smiles at the person who makes it on, both of you get this rush of serotonin.  It’s the thank-you-you-made-me-feel-better hormone.  
Whenever you help someone out, give a donation, offer a smile that gets received ☞ serotonin rush.  Even when you and company share a silent or audible THANK YOU, ☛ serotonin surge.
Serotonin vanquishes stress.  It relieves symptoms of depression.  It connects you to the Universal flow, the energy of connection.  
The universal flow is the I am you, you are me– this is a WE kinda life.  
And our Spirits recognize connection as wholeness and purpose.

Be confident, share good thoughts, and do kind stuff.

Life slows down, stress wanes, and lillies fill the air.  

If just for a moment today, 


your trainer,
michelle bernard💥
bust stress pix
universal flow pix

go, inch worm

Here are some benefits of regular exercise and choosing a healthy eating plan.
*optimum cholesterol levels
*stronger bones
*reduced risk of breast cancer
*balanced blood pressure
*decreased stress levels
*decreased depression
*increased self-esteem ⎡duh, baby!!⎤
*increased mental concentration
*more energy
*hot body
*higher metabolism 〔weight training〕
*reduced joint pain
*strong immune system
*vitalized sexuality
*improved digestion and elimination ⎩number 2⎭
*better sleep  ⎣and you’ll need a bit more sleep, 6-8 hours⎦
*easier menstruation ⎨cramps, “see ya’!”⎬
*improved posture
*sparkle in your eyes!!
Sounds like a gold mine.
                                              A gold mine.

 Yet, we still experience difficulties in maintaining the ritual of regular exercise and optimum nutrition.

with all these goodies awaiting your BODy,
is it so challenging to LIVE healthy?
I mean – look at the list again ⇡
Would you feel good, let’s say, if you had mild or nonexistent menstrual cramps? 
Would you feel good if your doctor said that your cholesterol levels were below 200?  
Would you feel good if your knees didn’t hurt while doing housework?  
And for vanity sake, would you feel good if you dropped two dress sizes?  Didn’t have to avoid the dressing room mirror? Looked smashing in white skinny jeans? 
 Be honest. 

Well here’s the problem with feeling GOOD.

move choose smile

We don’t choose paths, positions, or make choices because they will make us feel good.
We don’t.
We choose comfort.  

And more than that,

we choose immediate comfort over

the delayed-gratification-kind of comfort.  

We are wired for micro movements.  Small shifts.  
Big shifts are scary, disorienting, and unpredictable.
It’s more comfortable NOT to have to move too far away from what we are used to.

Small, tiny shifts are big enough.  

We have adapted to what we have and do right now,

even if it doesn’t really feeling good.

But here’s the good news about our inch worm perspective on shifting and comfort  ☟


You can apply INCH WORM movements quite geniusly to implementing

a ritual of regular exercise and choosing optimum nutrition.

Listen,  for example ➼

if you set out to climb a mountain that is 10 miles steep,

I advise you NOT to make the trek while

looking up at the top the whole time.

For some of us, constantly looking at the mountain top from way far below its peak
evokes worry over how long it’ll take to climb,
conjures dread about never reaching the top, + triggers shame about the last time we climbed and checked out for the used-to-be life.  
Looking at the top of the mountain when you still have 9 miles more to go can make you frickn exhausted till you trade in your dream for the immediate gratification of rolling like a log back down into the life you have always known, where you are on auto-pilot circling the skies of comfort city.


Look up before you start climbing.  

See the top.  

Really look at it.


Imagine reaching the top.  

Imagine your self on the top!

Now you’re ready to take a step.   Another step.    Another step.    Another step.
Like an inch worm.
Look up rarely.  

Better for you to simply imagine being on the top.


Your imagination along with small steps and shifts will cheer you on and put you on top of your mountain,

over time.  

It will.  

And you will get more comfortable as your legs get stronger.
You’ll get more comfortable and acclimate to the incline and air quality the higher you go.
Your BODy and mind will adapt to new heights.  
Take another step.
Poor comfort.  
I’ve really put it in a dunce-corner. 
But comfort ain’t all bad.  
No-thing is all good nor all bad.
But in the case of eyeballing that list of benefits above, maybe some of our ole comforts are blocking us from feeling better.

Feeling good over the long-term is worth a few muscle aches, 4-5 early mornings, Tupperware packed lunches, sweat socks in your purse, starch-free dinners, showing up 30 minutes late for the after-work cocktail party cuz you worked out first, refusing the gravy and extra butter even if everyone at the table looks at you cock-eyed, and opting for a 30-minute jog cuz all the bikes in spin class are taken.   

Get comfortable with being empowered by your choices,
you fine and fit thang.
your trainer,
michelle bernard
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